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Meeting someone on the Internet was my initial inspiration for creating this site. It's been one of the biggest events in my life and in many respects, one of the most enjoyable. In fact, I met my ex-husband on the Net. I highly recommend this means of meeting new people -- with a few cautions. Check out my page on finding Luv to get some valuable pointers on how to go about finding that special someone. As a postscript to all that's to be said about my happy encounter, one must consider that even the perfect match can sometimes go wrong in time. Your means of meeting has nothing to do with it. Unfortunately, my "soulmate" and I grew apart after two years. It has been difficult getting back on track again, but it's also been a learning experience. I will soon complete some cautions and suggestions based on my own experiences...and I'll tell you where and how I went wrong. In the meantime, I'm back on the MatchMaker site and meeting new friends every day. So, go ahead and take a look at how to begin looking for the man/woman of your dreams. I hope Bahnee's World will be a favorite reference point for you.

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